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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Book

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* Access your booking details - ensure you check these details before you embark on your journey

* Print your confirmation invoice

* View your ATOL certificate

Your balance needs to be paid 8 weeks before departure - you can find the date by which your balance payment is due and the amount on your booking confirmation. Please note that there is no automatic deduction of funds from your bank account, so therefore please make sure you check when your final balance is due and is paid on time. The option to pay online is available in the My Booking Area. To do this, please select the “pay my balance” option and enter your account details to complete your payment online. Once the payment has been completed you will receive your final confirmation invoice within an hour. The option to pay over the phone is also available by phoning our Call Centre on 020 3150 1706. You’ll need to quote your reference number and then you can place your payment. Debit or Credit cards (except American Express) can be used free of charge. After the transaction is complete you will receive your booking confirmation with full documentation of your flight details, transfers and hotel with other information regarding your journey

CALL 020 3150 1706 TO PAY

By clicking the link below you can find information about choosing your preferred seat with the airline, including extra legroom seats where available:
Select Your Seat

A PNR number is a unique code issued by the airline which allows you to access information regarding your flight reservation. This code can be used to check-in online, add in-flight meals or apply for extra legroom seats. In your booking confirmation issued by us, you can find your PNR number. If you encounter any problems regarding your PNR number please contact our Customer Services team on 0203 150 1703

Find Your PNR Number 

For passengers flying to Turkey with a package holiday deal hand and hold luggage for every passenger over 2 is included in the price with a reduced entitlement for infants.

Please click on the link below to attain information about luggage allowances of various airlines:

Luggage Allowance Information

API (Advance Passenger Information) is a requirement for the citizens of certain countries to provide their passport details before arrival. Please click on the link below to learn more about how to provide your API information.

Register Your API Information

You can arrange assistance at the airport by contacting our Customer Services Department on 0208 150 6088

Holders of ordinary or diplomatic passports do not require a visa up to 90 days in any 180 day period to enter the Republic of Turkey. Citizens with service or special passports are required to have a visa before entering Turkey. UK citizens with ‘British National Overseas’, ‘British Subject’ and ‘British Protected Person’ nationality are required to apply for a visa from the Turkish Diplomatic missions abroad.

To cancel your holiday you need to contact our Customer Services Department in writing by emailing us at You can read our cancellation policy under our Terms and Conditions

On Holiday

After you have collected your luggage and completed your customs requirements you will be greeted by one of our trustworthy representatives holding a ‘Turkey Paradise’ board they will show you the way to your transfer vehicle.

During the welcome meeting (which will be held the morning after your arrival) you will be informed of the timeframe of your return transfer. If you happen to miss this meeting you can always ask the reception to inform you.

You can contact your ‘Turkey Paradise’ representative while you are in your resort or hotel. You can either contact them through the reception desk (free of charge) or find their details on the information board in the hotel.

You can either contact them through the reception desk (free of charge) or find their details on the information board in the hotel.

To have a late check-out please contact the reception desk at your hotel. Keep in mind that most of the establishments charge extra for a late check-out

Common medicine in Turkey can be found in pharmacies called Eczane. If you need a doctor please contact the reception desk at your hotel to gain access to the nearest hospital. You do not have to make an appointment. In case of an emergency you can call an ambulance by dialing 112. Please bear in mind that European Health Insurance (EHIC) is not valid in Turkey so therefore you must pay for all the medicare you undergo. Make sure that you have adequate travel insurance cover before you travel. 

You can book a tour through your ‘Turkey Paradise’ representative at any point during your stay. This will be explained during your welcome meeting. You can find the details on the information board in the Hotel.

When You Get Back

You can submit your complaint via email to our Customer Services Department at

If you wish to make a claim for your delayed flight you will need to contact the airline directly. If you require assistance regarding this matter please contact our Customer Services Department 0203 150 1703.

If you have any problems regarding your luggage please inform the ‘Lost Luggage’ desk before you leave the airport. Keep in mind to inform your transfer representative and your travel insurance company as well.

Please get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible if you would like to make a claim. To make a valid claim keep all the relevant documents such as receipts in order to present them to your insurance company.


Your holiday is safe with us